My recursive writing process has stayed relatively the same but I have made a few changes to how I go about writing, revising, and analyzing text. For instance, I have now realized the importance of reading an essay out loud. It helps to ensure the flow of sentences and as you read if you say something in a different way, you should consider revising that part to sound clearer. I have used this technique in a couple of my other courses, including when I had to write a lab write-up for my biology class. Biology and English are very different in the ways statements are made. Biology is very direct and to the point and English involves deeper analysis and explanation. But for both classes reading out loud can allow you to see small details that could change or if a part may be confusing for the audience to read. I also still prefer to annotate when I read new material and I use this technique when I am taking notes out of a text book. I write my general notes first based on the information given by the book but as I re-read my notes and we go over the material in class, I annotate my original notes to add new ideas/concepts.