My process for revision before I entered English 110 was brief and mainly focused on the local revisions I could make to my essays. Once I started to understand the importance of global and local revisions in this course I started to make bigger and more important changes to my papers. For instance, in my Writing Prompt 2- Free Draft, the fifth paragraph was very oddly placed and the claims I made did not make sense. I received a couple of comments from my peers about that paragraph so I decided to take another look at that specific paragraph. After looking at the ideas present in the paragraph I realized I had already visited some of these ideas throughout the paper and this paragraph was not needed. Also the paragraph sounded like a concluding paragraph in the middle of my essay which threw off my audience as they read the paper. Another revision I made in my Writing Prompt 2-Formal Draft, was being more precise when I was giving examples to back up my claims. In my Free Draft, I had the example of Lehrer in my third paragraph where I showed what examples he used to explain why metaphors are helpful in science. As I read back over this portion of my essay, I realized I was giving a long summary of his article which was taking away from the point I was trying to make. I decided to remove most of the summary anf then add a couple of sentences that connected back to the main point of the paragraph so my audience would no longer be lost.

I still do look at the local revisions I could possibly make in my essays because it is one of the most important revisions in order to make a paper/article very polished and precise. A couple examples of local revisions I made in Writing Prompt 2 were being more precise when talking about what kind of doctor art can help (as in specifically an orthopedic doctor) and making sure when I add in a new example or change the evidence I used that the pronouns and articles match up to the author of the quote/evidence.