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I feel like the term “life story” is a concept I haven’t thought about very often. This is mostly due to the fact that my life is just starting and I don’t really have a story yet. I feel once you’re much older and have accomplished most of what you’ve wanted to in life, then you can have a “life story”.  One quote in Strawson’s article that really stuck out to me was when he quoted Henry Taylor and said, ” an imaginative man is apt to see, in his life, the story of his life; and is thereby led to conduct himself in such a manner as to make a good story of it rather than a good life.” When I read this quote it made me think about how people view their lives. Some individuals see it as an opportunity to do something great in the world in which they would be remembered for doing so. Others focus on their own lives, however small they may seem, and make the most out of what they have and feel content and happy with the choices they have made. If someone focuses too much on their “life story” as a way to be remembered in the world tend to lose sight of what really matters in life. This reminds me of a movie “The Fault In Our Stars” where one of the main characters, Gus, talks about how he wants to be remembered and Hazel advises him against that mindset because he should be content with what he has and live his life to make himself happy and not others happy.  So, I feel that people should focus on what makes them happy and pursue their “life story” as a way to make themselves the happiest they can be and not focus on making everyone else around them happy or looking to live their life in a way everyone will remember them.


  1. ncabral

    I like your explanation on how you explained how narrative affects you at your current age. This is a good thinking point and can leave a lot to branch off from.

  2. eramsey

    I agree with your idea of not being old enough to have your own life story. I really like the way you bring Strawson’s ideas into your blog to talk about your argument. I also like the way you wrap up your blog by talking about what makes you happy and then pursuing your life story for yourself.

  3. Maeve McPhail

    I would agree with you that we don’t have a life story yet because our life is just beginning. I think that our life story comes later when we have experienced everything. I like how you connected it to another source that has a similar idea. Nice Job!

  4. Elisha M Emerson

    I’m curious about what qualities you think make for a good story? Your annotations look great. Keep up the wonderful work.

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