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The main idea my peer gave me for my paper was to find a place to introduce Beck’s article earlier into my essay and possibly connect it to another article. So my main goal is to read back over Beck’s article and see if there are any quotes or ideas that could connect into one of my earlier paragraphs. I also want to look at the other articles I’ve used and see if Beck can connect to those in some way.  I think my biggest challenge is going to be to connect Beck to the other articles I’ve used. The other articles I’ve used are more science based in their ideas because they deal with neuroscience but I believe that there are ideas that are similar in all three. I could also utilize Beck in my naysayer paragraph as a way to rebuttal the ideas of Strawson. If I am struggling to find a place to put Beck I will either reach out to Professor Emerson for some guidance on how to do so and if there are any strategies I could use that I haven’t tried yet. I could also reach out to some of my peers to see how they incorporated Beck into their essays.

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  1. Elisha M Emerson

    Excellent. It sounds like your peer review was a success. I’m glad that your peer gave you advice that resonated.

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