My ability to use the proper MLA citing techniques in my papers has stayed at a high level. There are only ever mild errors but if I am ever struggling with a specific citation I turn to one of the citing sources given in class (MLA guidelines sheet, Purdue Owl, Little Seagull, etc.) or I go to my professor if I am still struggling with a citation. In my Writing Prompt 2- Free Draft, I only made a small error in my last citation where I forget to indent the second line but it was an easy fix to make in my Writing Prompt 2-Formal Draft.

I am always looking to make local revisions because I know I can easily fix those issues unlike global revisions where it takes a lot more time and effort to make it better. Usually, I do a scan through to make sure there are no obvious errors and then I read the paper out loud to make sure it sounds fluid and there are no spelling or grammatical errors I may have missed. For example, in Writing Prompt 2-Formal Draft I made changes such as saying “orthopedic doctor” rather than “doctor” and “the medical field” instead of “science” to make my writing more clear and concise.