When I use quotes in my papers, I always want to make sure they make sense when placed into the essay. The quotes need to either support/complicate my main focus of the paper in order for me to want to use them. I usually make sure to introduce the author and then the quote. I try to stay away from summary of the quote and go straight into the explanation of the quote relating to my paper topic. For example, in my Writing Prompt 2- Formal Draft I used a quote from Yo-Yo Ma which stated, “The values behind arts integration — collaboration, flexible thinking, and disciplined imagination — lead to the capacity to innovate.” I then went on to explain how this quote connected to how orthopedic doctors use collaboration in the workplace and how young orthopedic doctors can use these techniques to develop strong abilities in their future workplace as well. I did not dwell on explaining what the quote means because I feel that takes away from the overall flow of the paper and it really isn’t needed if it is explained in terms of the central argument. I used to do this in the beginning of the semester. For example, in Writing Prompt 1- Formal Draft, I used a quote from Michael Erard which was “a metaphor for a metaphor” and I went on to explain what the quote meant for about six sentences before I connected it to the main point of my paper. I feel I have improved in the area of using quotes to back up or complicate my ideas based on the fact that I have reduced the amount of summary in my papers whenever I introduce a quote. I have better connections to my paper which help keep the audience engaged in the topic of the paper.